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June 2021

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Bonnie's Column

While I'm not sure if the pandemic has been a "good" crisis, it has been truly challenging. Now that we've been vaccinated and cases are slowing, I am starting to shift away from some of the habits I acquired during the pandemic. While I still have a mask at the ready, I have gone out a bit more and even had dinner at a restaurant.

As opportunities to socialize and go on adventures return, I realize that before the pandemic, I may have said "yes" to invitations a bit willy-nilly. Because I'm still limiting what I do, now is a marvelous opportunity to pick and choose how I invest my time. I encourage you to do the same. We’ve seen so many stories of older people who become dancers, skiers, adventurers, writers, or painters. What an inspiration for us all! If you dream it, and stay focused, it is possible.

What do you dream about doing? I urge you to take the first step. If not now, when? It is our sincere hope that your direction is in the arts or theatre. If it is, you know that we are here to help you every step of the way.

Yours in theatre,

Bonnie L. Vorenberg
President, ArtAge Publications



Read a Play on Friday!

Back by popular demand!
Past attendees raved about how fun it was to read a play together with other older actors.

"It was creative, and stimulating! What a blast! I saw things in the script I didn't realize were there," one attendee said.

In this class, we read the play, and analyze the characters, plot and pace of the shows. It is an easy way to re-enter the world of theatre if you've been away for a bit.

We'll be reading two plays from Ageless! 11 Short Plays Celebrating Seniors

Purchase the book and class together for only $39.95 plus shipping (save $5 on the book!) or simply the class for $20.
Once you register, you'll receive instructions on how to join.

Friday, June 25 at 1PM Pacific Time, 2PM Mountain, 3PM Central, 4PM Eastern

Save your spot now, session size is limited!
Click here to register



You're Invited!

to the nation's only national Community Theatre festival
AACTFest: A Celebration of Theatre
June 14-20, 2021

AACTFest 2021 Virtual Poster


No travel required! This is a a virtual event featuring:

  • 12 Theatre productions from around the USA
  • Keynote speakers
  • Over 60 educational sessions, including:
    Bonnie Vorenberg's
    Welcome Older Adults to Your Community Theatre
  • Fun and Games for networking
  • Exhibit halls and other usual conference activities, only online

For more information and to register, visit AACTFest 2021


A special offer to help you take your next theatrical leap!

Esteemed Member of Who's Who in Senior Theatre Jan Downing -- actress/singer, former talent agent, and Senior Theatre director will help you:

  • Go from "I can carry a tune" to "I can sell the heck out of that song!"
  • Transform cold readings from stressful into fun
  • Prepare a monologue even if you don’t have a clue where to start
  • Boost your theatrical confidence

Here's your chance!
Jan is offering a very special "Pay What you Can" opportunity. Her regular rates are $80 per hour, but to help older actors jumpstart their activities this summer, she's allowing you to set the price. For more information, contact Jan.


Celebrate Pride Month

with these plays!

A Life Enriching Community
10 minutes, 2 men, 1 woman or 3 either
A loving portrayal of an older couple who are adjusting to their new life in a South Florida retirement community.

The Gift of Love
10 minute play, 1 man, 1 woman
Howard and Roz are rushing to their grandchild’s birthday party but the gift they are taking sparks a discussion about the child's gender identity.

Billy Buck and Jo-Jo
10 minute comedy, 2 men
Billy Buck and Jo-Jo are two rodeo performers who wake up only to discover that they are dead…and still together!

The Prize
10 minute comedy, 1 man, 2 women
Roger has just moved into a new condo and is enjoying his afternoon when he’s interrupted by two uninvited guests.

Save $5 on Select E-Scripts!

At any age, summer is the perfect time to learn a new hobby, hit the road, apply for a job, or reinvent your career. Adventures seem more important than ever this summer. Celebrate sunny days with us! These select e-scripts are on sale until June 10, 2021.

10 minute comedy, 1 man, 1 woman
Feisty Lucille is ready to compete with younger women to be a waitress at the restaurant.

Second Career
10 minute comedy, 1 man, 1 woman
Diane comes out of retirement with a mission to advocate for all disgruntled customers.

Coconut Crème Pie
10 minute comedy, 1 man, 1 woman
Almost everything goes wrong on his first day of work delivering pies for his son-in-law.

Sgt. Levy's Lonely Hearts Club
10 minute wordless play with music, 1 man, 1 woman
Doors open between two neighbors through a shared love of music and dance.

Dream Camper
10 minute comedy, 3 women
It's amazing what can happen at a KOA and it's not just a game of canasta.

Lifeguard on Duty
25-30 minute comedy, 2 either
Two old friends come out of retirement to take jobs as lifeguards only to discover the hut can be a pretty tight spot.

Stanley's Choice
25-30 minute comedy, 2 either
Who knows where they are actually going when it's Stanley's turn to choose where the two couples vacation?

Stanley's Choice
by Millie Ackley

Gerald's Dream
35 minute comedy, 2 men, 5 women, 1 either, plus extras
An older man dreams of an alternative past in which he is transformed from the high-school nerd to a regular guy.

Imagination Never Gets Old
25-30 minute comedy, 2 either
For a magical moment, the couple dances under the stars without the aid of their walker and cane.

World's Oldest Hobby
10 minute comedy, 2 men, 2 women
It's amazing how much fun two wives can have with their husbands just using their telephone and a little imagination.

Griddle Cakes 
10 minute comedy, 2 women
On a hot summer day, two sisters debate the merits of answering the telephone, global warming, and consider attending the annual wildflower walk.

Hurry — the sale ends June 10!



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