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ArtAge Publications Newsletter
March, 2020

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Wise words!

Bonnie's Column:
Senior Theatre in a Pandemic?


These are challenging times. Like many of you, I have never experienced a pandemic so I am trying to cope. My main thought is to carry on, but how? You must feel the same way. So, here are some suggestions.

If you are in rehearsal and need to maintain space away from your castmates, you can still rehearse. Go remote! Use any of the many online tools that are made for teleconferencing, such as FaceBook Messenger, WhatsApp, or Zoom. We have used FreeConferenceCall at with great success. It is easy to set up an account. You can select either voice or video tools. Then, schedule a time for the cast to meet, share the phone number and the code. They can easily join the 'rehearsal.'

To keep cast members working on materials, choose monologues or small cast shows which they can rehearse in small groups. To find monologues, click here. Take a look at our new 1-woman show, Miss Ida's Man-in-the-Moon Yard Sale.
Use the search feature on our website to find some fun small cast shows. Many are available as e-scripts which are automatically downloadable. Have actors rehearse by themselves so that when the group comes back together, the show only needs a few rehearsals and you're ready to perform.

For classes, this is also a great time to teach students about how to read a play. Use our website where students can find FreeViews of almost every show. Ask them to read, evaluate, and report on selected shows, using e-mail.

These ideas will get you started. Remember, theatre is our passion; it's what gets us through life. Use this as a time to reflect, to grow, and to re-kindle our love of this special art form. When the emergency is over, people will crave entertainment and diversion. It's our job to provide that escape. So, most of all, keep going!

If you need additional ideas, don't hesitate to contact us. We are here for YOU!

Best in theatre,

Bonnie L. Vorenberg
President, ArtAge Publications


Celebrate National Pi Day
E-script sale

The Pie Ladies Make Bail in production

March 14, (3.14) the mathematical number, is National Pi Day so what a good time to enjoy a little pie on us. These e-scripts are on sale until March 27!

The Pie Ladies 
25 minute comedy
6 women, 3 either
As the ladies pick up their rolling pins to make dozens of pies for the church supper, they decide to create their own country! Are they truly traitors? 

The Pie Ladies Make Bail
35 minute comedy
1 man, 9 women 
With the Pie Ladies, you never know what may happen, and this time they land in jail. Lots of action, practical jokes, and confusion keep audiences on their toes, laughing all the way!

The Pie Ladies in Deep Water
30–40 minute comedy
2 men, 8 women
The Pie Ladies' cookbook was a hit and now they're going on a cruise. With these ladies, the waters are never smooth but always hilarious. 

Coconut Crème Pie
10 minute comedy
1 man, 1 woman
Things couldn't get worse on his first day delivering pies for his son-in-law’s business until someone comes to his aid. 

NEW! A Wicked Little Wager
45 minutes
2 men, 2 women
The reason for the yearly gathering is Coconut Cream Pie Day but this year's gathering of four friends has extra helpings of mischief, mayhem, and murder. 

Save $5 on e-scripts of these sweet shows until March 27!



Our shows are being performed 

A photo of Crosswords in Age on Stage®: Ten Minute Plays.
Courtesy of "The Facts" 

  • The director of Chatterton Country Club told us that the show was a "Huge hit, one of the best ones we've ever performed!"
  • Reunited was very popular in Saskatchewan, Canada.
  • Finding Zeus, a new show with 1 man and 1 woman, was "super," they said, in Florida.
  • What's on TV? is one of our most performed shows and it was a success, yet again. Find it in Age on Stage ® : Comedies for Readers Theatre Volume I, our best-selling collection of 10-minute comedies. 
  • The Complaint Department is always a hit. Short, easy, and with great characters, in Florida.
  • At the Diner with Dad is "such a strong play," they said in Manitoba Canada.
  • Casserole Cassanova was a "hoot and a holler" when it was staged in Illinois. "Great roles," they said!
  • The Comeuppance of Flame LaQuench. "Everyone loved Flame," when it was performed in Maryland.
  • That's Not the Problem with "strong conflict and good action," the show was performed in Florida.
  • Misconceptions is always popular, just as it was when it appeared in Colorado.
  • Metaphorical Shoes. "They knew the audience would like this one, and they did" when the show was performed in Arizona.
  • Mike 'Hard as' Nails "has fun characters which the actors really enjoyed developing and the audience loved seeing" when it was performed in California.

Of course, contact us with any of your Senior Theatre questions.


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