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ArtAge Publications Newsletter
July, 2019

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103-year-old Julia Hawkins wins her race!
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Bonnie's Column:

I've heard so many stories of incredible older adults, but when I learned about Julia Hawkins, I was touched by her amazing accomplishments on the track. How awe-inspiring that a 103-year-old woman would not only compete, but win a race. She came away with two gold medals at the recent National Senior Games!

Though Julia is incredible, there are other inspiring older adults all around us. They're just ordinary folks doing extraordinary things in Senior Theatre. I think of the almost 98-year-old director who keeps her cast performing to full houses in Florida. Then, there's the 90-year-old playwright who works on his craft daily, that's every day! Of course, we must mention all the wonderful actors who are in advanced years but who still do theatre. 

Julia's Pearls of Wisdom apply to Senior Theatre:

  • Try new things. If you've never done theatre, now's the time to start. If you've only acted, perhaps you should direct.
  • Pursue your passions. Make theatre your passion.
  • Appreciate magic moments: Stop and notice.
  • Embrace adventures: Go for it!
  • Put family first, even if it's your theatre family.
  • Treat yourself: Do something special just for you.
  • Inspire others: Just by being on stage, you inspire others by showing them that growing older can be a great time of life.

Just like Julia, you are incredible. Appreciate it, enjoy it!

Best in theatre,

Bonnie L. Vorenberg
ArtAge Publication's President


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Try These Hidden Gems


Stanley's Choice in performance

These plays are some of our hidden gems. They're super shows that might work for you. Take a look--they're wonderful! Save $5 on the following e-scripts until August 9

Lucille Flirts With the Space-Time Continuum
25 minute comedy
2 men, 3 women
Lucille lives comfortably with her husband, but she has always envied her friend, Martha Anne, who lives a life of careful what you wish for.

The Further Adventures of Super Hero & Doris Drive
7 minute comedy skit
1 man, 1 woman
Super Hero is aging, but he can always depend upon his loyal mate, Doris Drive, to see get him flying right! 

Cougar on the Green
20 minute comedy
2 women
Mrs. O’Neill is looking for the senior rate at the golf club only to be rebuffed by the icy Miss Mulligan. It seems that Miss Mulligan may be another kind of player!

Lost and Found
7 minute comedy
1 man, 1 woman
Fred and Jeanne get ready for an evening out and have lost their keys again. Audience members never guess the surprise ending!

Stanley's Choice
30 minute comedy
2 men, 3 women
Sally and her husband go on vacation with their two conservative friends. But for Sally's birthday, it's what they think, she knows, and what she knows, they think. It's all so much fun!

Let's Party
20 minute comedy
3 men, 3 women
Sam is planning an un-surprise birthday party for his wife, Valerie. But when he is talking on the phone with brother Jim, Valerie eavesdrops and overhears a few tantalizing words like “bud” and “pot” and “weed.” She can hardly believe her ears!

For more Plays on a Theme, visit our website.

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Marvelous Musicals


Performance of Committee of Eight

We're highlighting our awesome musicals this month! Click on each show to learn more and to order a perusal.

A Bag Full of Miracles

Story, lyrics and music by Tom Northam
Musical arrangement by Ron Pronk
Best Seller! Song-filled, action-packed full-length musical with a flexible sized cast
Maggie, an newly retired school teacher, and Lady Anne, a recent widow who has been swindled out of most of her funds, convert Lady Anne’s home into a bed and breakfast. Hilarity ensues!

Back in the Dreamtime

Script, lyrics and music by Marty Durlin
Vocal harmonies by Pam Petersen
1 hour, 40 minute musical comedy
2-acts, piano score has soprano/alto/tenor/bass harmonies
4 men, 7 women
Travel back to a high school reunion and let the three cheerleaders, who act as a chorus, guide their classmates and you through the nostalgic and joyous gathering.

Committee of Two

Joyce Stern Greenberg
70 minute musical
2 women
The committee has been asked to create a show that will entertain everyone attending the college reunion. This show is easy to produce and fun for both performers and audiences.

Committee of Eight

Joyce Stern Greenberg
75 minute musical
1 man, 7 women
The committee has expanded to eight. Now, they're back creating an even better show for their college reunion. Uses parodies so it's easy to produce and fun for everyone!

Full Steam Ahead!

Jay Kerr and Al Budde
80 minute musical
3 men, 5 women
A group embarks on an adventure upon ‘Miss Mossy,’ a century-old Mississippi riverboat. Along the way, the ‘Miss Mossy’ works her magic, reminding us how life can lead to exciting possibilities.

The Good Years

Penny Petersen
95 minute comedy
4 men, 4 women, 4-6 non-speaking gender-flexible roles
Two middle-aged daughters fix up their reluctant, widowed parents. In an effort to help them, the daughters make a mess of everything!

House of Tomorrow

Susan Shear
3 men, 4 women
How do we face constant change? Among these stories, we meet a mother and daughter whose values are vastly different, two widowed seniors tiptoeing into the world of online dating, and many more.

SS Shipenshore

Marian Ellis & John Gutberlet
9 men, 15 women in any size cast, can be easily double cast
75 minute variety show/musical
A colorful and happy play about a six-day cruise to Havana in 1955. The ship has a captain and crew who serve many passengers; some ordinary, some not so ordinary.

Sometimes A Rainbow

Story, lyrics, and music by Tom Northam, ASCAP
Music arranged and orchestrated by Dale E. Wise, MME

90 minute musical comedy
10 (with the flexibility to add more roles as needed)
Cordy Shelburne discovers the meaning of life and the joys of living while surviving on the streets of Washington, DC. There, she meets a crusty bag lady who enriches her life.

This River is Gold

Script, music, and lyrics by Alvin H. Reiss
90 minute musical comedy
5 men, 4 women, 1 either, plus chorus
When residents of a retirement community think gold has been discovered on their property, all hell breaks out. The conflict divides those who live on the North Hill from those on the South Hill. 


Greg Evans
90 minute musical, 14 songs
4 men, 4 women
An average day turns extraordinary when a group of friends share an unexpected rush of laughs and tears, leading to a twist that reminds them to value every moment.



Why I Do Senior Theatre

Recent production of Betta Daze, directed by Ella Reisher


Ella Reischer teaches classes in Senior Theatre. She started a few years ago with only a small group. Now, there are quite a few students in the sessions. They've worked on many shows including Still Twenty-Nine, That's Not the Problem, and one of her favorites, The Stick-up. Ella says, "There is lots of learning and laughter in my classes. It is especially gratifying to see my students, most who have never been in theatre before, become comfortable and even enjoy their time on stage."

Well done, Ella!



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