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March, 2019

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Celebrate Older Women's Month

Bonnie's Column:

This is Women’s History Month and what a better way to celebrate it than with older women on stage! This comes natural to me because I feel that one of the purposes of Senior Theatre is to show that growing older can be a great time of life…and since so many of our elders are women, why not use the stage to promote them. Aging is a women’s issue!

You’ll find our collection is full of shows that feature feisty women who illustrate what it means to grow older as a modern senior. They have spirit, spunk, intelligence, and all with a bit of wit. See the list below.

Yes, we love older men also. But this month do something special to feature older women!
Best in theatre,

Bonnie L. Vorenberg
ArtAge Publication's President


We need your ideas! As we plan for our 2020-2021 catalog, we want to know the Senior Theatre plays, books, and materials that you would like for us to feature. What do you need that will help you be successful? What are you looking for? Please take 3 minutes to share your insights in the survey below. Thank you for your continued support!

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Use Senior Theatre to Educate

Have you tried using theatre to educate your colleagues, performers, and audience members on social issues that seniors face every day? It works great to perform a play, then add a talk back. Funders love this kind of project! Here are shows on the themes of health, living without a spouse, retirement housing, intergenerational relationships, age discrimination, and speaking up for what you believe in. Make a difference by performing these plays!

Save $5 on e-scripts of these shows, until March 29!

  • Fool Me Once, or Henrietta's Absolutely Horrible Day
    4 men, 5 women, 2 either, 20 minute comedy
    Henrietta falls for various elder scams only to be saved by the street-wise detective and scambuster, San Scam!
  • The Glove
    1 man, 1 woman, 10 minute issue-oriented play
    Howard and Roz are rushing to their grandchild’s third birthday party with a gift that brings up their fears and acceptance of the child’s recent trans diagnosis.
  • The Last Holdout
    1 man, 1 woman, 10 minute comedy
    Ivan rebels when Dorothy, an administrator, thinks she knows what’s best for him.
  • ElderSpeak
    3 men, 7 women, 20-25 minute comedy  
    After experiencing age discrimination by ‘ElderSpeak,’ Joan comes up with a plan.
  • Silence
    2 women, 15-20 minute comedy
    Bettie explains the tangled maze of learning to live without your spouse in this surprisingly funny short play.
  • The Exam
    1 man, 10 minute monologue
    Ralph is visiting his doctor for a prostate checkup. But the digital aspect of the exam has given him sleepless nights!
  • Get Your Flu Shot!
    1 man, 1 woman, 10 minute comedy
    When it’s time to convince people to get the flu shot, entertainment can carry the most convincing message.
  • Keys to Her Kingdom
    4 women, 1 offstage man's voice
    Sylvia struggles with “When should I stop driving?” after a fender-bender in this funny play.
  • Mimi and Me
    2 women, 15 minutes
    A perky volunteer tries to cheer up an outspoken older woman. What begins as a test of wills ends up as a loving relationship.
  • Go, Momma, Go!
    1 man, 3 women, 10 minute comedy
    Two sisters argue about what to do with Momma as she grows older.
  • Made for Each Other
    1 man, 3 women, 2 either, 30 minute comedy
    Pauline Stewart lives alone so her family hires helpers for her. But she fires every one of them until Annie Simms shows up!
  • Volunteering Has Its Moments
    5 women or 4 women/1 man, 20 minute comedy
    Set on The Opal Show, a nationally televised tribute to volunteers is moderated by the popular TV personality. Such fun!

Save $5 on e-scripts of the above shows, until March 29!


Photo courtesy of the "Temperance Ladies"

Women's History Month:
Plays about Strong Women


March is Women's History Month! Celebrate the power of strong women with these empowering plays. These shows can stand alone or be performed together to create a longer production. This spring, feature women!

The Comeuppance of Flame LaQuench
10 minute comedy
3 men, 4 women (can be double cast; 1 man can play 3 roles)
After three husbands and in spite of the dire warnings of her cousin and the Swamp Lady, headstrong Flame seems to be headed for her own death or (worse) comeuppance!

Dream Camper
10 minute comedy
3 women
At the KOA campground, Crusty Wilma makes Rose and Dottie aware of their dreams and life becomes better for everyone. Funny, charming, and thought provoking.

Digging Up Hoffa
20 minute comedy-drama
1 man, 1 woman, 1 either
Years later, Jimmy Hoffa is still missing. Meanwhile, Phyllis worries about her finances and a broken septic system. She decides that desperate times require bold action!

Arches, Balance and Light
60 minute drama
1 man, 3 women, 1 either plus 4 extras that can be double cast
This lovely play brings Julia Morgan to life. She was a ground-breaking architect who designed more than 700 buildings during her long and prolific career, including Hearst Castle.

A Brief History of Mah Jongg
40 minute comedy
5-6 women
Three feisty women return to their beloved Mah Jongg game from years before. Award-winning comedy about the power of women’s friendships.

Legendary Ladies and their Gents
Five 12-15 minute royalty free plays
Casts from few to 12, both men and women
This book features plays about Molly Brown, Amelia Earhart, Annie Oakley, The Harvey Girls, and Pauline Cushman, a Union Spy.

Visit our website for more Plays on a Theme!



Group of the Month:
The Siskiyou Senior Players


Joan Lucas moved from being a Radio City Music Hall Rockette to Weed, California to care for her father. Once there, she loved it and soon started teaching Senior Theatre at The College of the Siskiyous. The group was off to a rousing start. She continued until 2011 when student, DeLeon Grabowski, took over the reins of the company and became the director.

With the support of the College and help from The Senior Theatre Resource Center, the Siskiyou Senior Players is now in its 13th year and has had over 300 students attend classes and appear in productions. Every spring the group performs a full-length variety show of comedy and drama for two weekends. They then trim the show and tour 20-30 minute cuttings to civic organizations, community events, retirement communities, and nursing homes.

The Siskiyou Senior Players are dedicated to performance, companionship, education, and fun!

Click here to read more about the company


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