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April, 2018

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Senior Theatre film comes to PBS!

Bonnie's Column

A few years ago, I learned about Still Dreaming, a film featuring a group of retirement community seniors who were staging A Midsummer Night's Dream. I thought, "How wonderful!" Then, I began collaborating with the filmmakers as we promoted it to attendees at arts and aging events.

Now, we're thrilled to announce that Still Dreaming will be airing on many PBS stations around the country. Click here for the schedule. If you miss the broadcast, it's easy to see the film by clicking here.

Still Dreaming is a positive statement about the value that the arts have for older adults. Take a moment and enjoy the fulfillment that comes from Senior Theatre!

Yours in theatre,
Bonnie Vorenberg, ArtAge President


Readers Theatre

The Hollow is a play based on nice!

Readers Theatre works so well that many Senior Theatre companies perform their shows using this format. It’s easy, requires no memorization, and allows for a shorter rehearsal period. Theatrically speaking, actors can develop and portray characterization, emotion, conflict, and everything that’s needed to create a moving performance. In addition, there are several different ways to perform Readers Theatre, all of which are very successful.

We added a Readers Theatre section to the website to highlight books, plays, and materials so you can learn more about the technique. Click here to see read more.


Our shows are being produced!

At the Border in performance

It's always great to see all of the ArtAge shows that are popping up on stages around the world. Here are just a few of them:

At the Border was performed in Arizona
25 minute comedy with men, 3 women, and 3 either
The Pettiburg Town Hall spans the Canadian-US border and has two mayors in an ongoing feud. International relations are rarely this hilarious.

It's Hell Gettin' Old was performed in Missouri along with Let's Party, Special Screening Today, and Who Shot Fred?
7-8 minute comedy with 3 men
Three old codgers sit in the park and soak up the sun while they reminiscence about the past and their youth. Hilarious sketch, very popular in variety shows.  

Hot Pursuit (New!) was performed in New Jersey
30 minute comedy with 1 man, 4 women, 2 female voices--can be double cast
Friends each try to outdo each other in appealing to a now-available man. The action is frantic and funny!

Up and Down (New!) was performed in Texas along with Griddle Cakes (New!), Cross Words, The Stick-up, Anniversary (New!), and Lost and Found
10 minute comedy with 1 man, 1 woman
What happens when two people get trapped in an elevator? Find out in this delightful comedy about anxiety, anger, and connecting. Fun and very easy to stage!

It's sometimes hard to know which play to choose, so feel free to contact us for help making selections!



Mother's Day and Springtime Plays

All e-scripts are $5 off the regular price until May 7.

Scene from Mother's Day. Photo courtesy of Don Walker

Try these out:
Mother's Day
10 minute comedy with 5 women
Molly Sullivan is 72 years old. It’s always a struggle to get her daughter to show up for visits. So Molly and her compatriots concoct a madcap scheme to solve the problem.

The Hotel Lobbyist
12 minute comedy with 2 women
How far will feisty senior, Goldalee Schneider, go to make her daughter listen to her? To the lobby of the local Holiday Inn, handcuffed to a chair!

Lunch Ladies at L'Ambrosa Luncheria
15 minute comedy with 8 women
Two very proper ladies lose all pretense of ladylike behavior as they have trouble paying for their meal at an expensive restaurant, finally finding a funny solution!

A Brief History of Mah Jongg
40 minute comedy with 5-6 women
Three feisty women return to their beloved Mah Jongg game from years before. Award-winning comedy about the power of women's friendships.  

Made for Each Other
30 minute comedy with 1 man, 3 women, 2 either
Pauline Stewart lives alone. To insure her mother’s safety, her daughter and son-in-law have hired companions for her. She fires every one of them until Annie Simms shows up!

Waiting for 7
10 minute comedy with 2 women
Mary finds Ethel’s marital history to be nothing short of astonishing, including a surprising trend about her many husbands. Very funny!

Also see The Pie Ladies, The Pie Ladies in Deep Water, and The Pie Ladies Make Bail.

Check out the New plays for 2018.


Group of the Month:
The Speeding Theatre


We love and appreciate The Speeding Theatre, a non-profit that helps older adults entertain, delight, and educate those who live in the Las Vegas Valley. The mission of the company is to:

  • Produce multi-generational plays, musicals, and performances
  • Tour shows to retirement communities, nursing homes, libraries, and other locales
  • Offer classes and workshops to educate and train creative artists interested in theatre

Click here to learn more about the company.


Visit our ever-changing website!

Our website features Senior Theatre information and is always being updated. The site is complete with plays, books, "Who's Who in Senior Theatre," plus news, trends, and FreeViews of the plays. Discover how to tie short shows together with our many plays on a theme. There is something for everyone!

Download our catalog:



The largest collection of plays, books, materials, and information for older performers.

Contact us at:

PO Box 19955, Portland OR 97280
503-246-3000 or 800-858-4998,

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