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February, 2018

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Ann Smith: Dance teacher for ageless bodies

Bonnie's Column

I was at an aging conference giving a presentation when a woman walked up to me afterwards. I immediately knew by how she moved that she was a dancer. This moment was the beginning of a wonderful relationship with Ann Smith. We worked together for years as I spread her message about the importance of movement for older adults through her series of wonderful dance videos for older adults. In the videos, she leads viewers through easy, flowing movements, all accompanied by the most lovely music. Ann recently departed this world but her work remains. 

Ann was ageless--with a busy speaking schedule, a strong family, and a new love she found in late life. It was always fun talking with her because you never knew which adventure she was going on next!

As a tribute to Ann, we wanted to invite you to connect with her dance videos. They are very reasonably priced, you'll enjoy:

Bring Ann Smith into your life and you'll notice a difference!

Yours in theatre,
Bonnie Vorenberg, ArtAge President


Senior Moments in production at TheatreNow

Our shows are being performed

Senior Moments is currently running to sold out houses at TheatreNow, the leading dinner theatre in Wilmington, North Carolina. The show has received two very positive reviews including one from Encore: ‘Senior Moments’ captures the world of aging with smiles and chuckles. Bravo! Playwright Don Fried’s script consists of a series of vignettes shining a light on various aspects of the aging experience. It reminds audiences that aging is not for sissies. The course of true love has never been smooth, and Fried captures it beautifully with wit, joy, and a little bit of terror. The script is funny, the performances are spot on, and the food is mouth-watering.

Here are a few of our many other shows that have been staged:


News from the field:
Senior Theatre in RV park attracts

Nancy M. Steele, reporting

When I retired, 15 years ago, my husband and I decided to spend our winter months in Southern Texas. When we first pulled into the RV Park, we were amazed to find that a fair number of the residents spoke French. Now, Canadians from Quebec comprise 62% of the park's population. As I became an active member of the drama group I began to ask what could we do to attract more French speakers to our performances. I had learned conversational French in grade school by performing small plays. I was sure we could do it.

It took awhile to convince others in the drama group, but eventually we decided to present some plays in French, with English translations. This worked so well that we began performing plays in English with French translations projected on a large screen. The Canadians responded! As a result, the attendance at our March 2017 show doubled over the previous year, to 378 tickets. The translation project was so unique that the local newspaper sent a reporter and photographer to our dress rehearsal. The story and numerous pictures were featured on the front page!

It can be a struggle to work out the nuances of translation but we are excited about the project because  many more people now can fully enjoy our performances. It has built a lot of goodwill around the park, so much so that it's a palatable feeling in the audience during performances. Now, we can entertain the other 62% of our park...and they love it!



New Plays in our collection!

Photo of a recent production of  "Evacuation"

All e-scripts are $5 off the regular price until February 15.

Bingo Ladies Gone Bad
Laura Pfizenmayer
7 women
15 minute comedy
There’s bingo. There’s prizes. And there’s fighting over the prizes. President Dixieanna and the rest of the officers of the Perfect Petunias Garden Club have a plan to take all those bath salts and coffee mugs home. There are hijinks and shenanigans as the ladies pull out all the stops and it might come down to fisticuffs if the new members don’t get at least one bingo!

The Last Holdout
Judd Lear Silverman
1 man, 1 woman
10 minute comedy
Based on a real-life story, when the menu changes at a local senior center for the members’ “own good,” protests erupt—which while seemingly trivial at first, reveals a far more important need for autonomy and retaining one’s own voice. 

Living Large
Linda LaRocque
10 minute comedy
1 man, 2 women
Peg knows that she has to change if she’s going to make it. She gets a new name, gives up her apartment, and moves into a Holiday Inn!

Linda LaRocque
13 minute comedy
2 men, 1 woman
The divorced parents and their son are driving to escape the hurricane and the past, only to discover that there’s still a lot there to love!

Party Animal
Marcus Steinour
15 minute comedy
1 man, 3 women
Middle-aged widower Brick Thompson has been receiving casseroles from neighborhood widows and divorcees, but when his daughter talks him into attending a party, women throw themselves at him with wild abandon and Brick finds himself lucky to escape unscathed.

Committee of Eight
Joyce Stern Greenberg
75 minute musical
1 man, 7 women
The committee has been asked to create a show that will entertain everyone attending the upcoming college reunion. So they gather their experiences, stories, and characters to use in the production. Tied together with parodies of well-known songs, the production takes shape creating a light-hearted musical. The show is easy to produce and fun for both performers and audiences. You’ll discover that you’re in good hands with this writer—an experienced Senior Theatre director who really knows how to create successful pieces for older performers! It's also available for a 2-person cast, Committee of Two.

We're happy to introduce some of the many new scripts that will be coming your way. Take a look at our
New plays for 2018.


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