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So many plays we can’t fit them all in our catalog! Browse our Web Specials below.

still 29 coverStill Twenty-Nine
By Wendy Vander Velde

10 minute comedy
1 woman, 1 man

Life is quiet, simple, and routine for stodgy retiree Earl, until Aileen, his fun-loving wife, jostles the norm by joining a motorcycle club.



Aging ArtfullyAging Artfully
By Amy Gorman

This rich collection of photos and recollections profiles 12 visual and performing artists from age 85-105.




barrier-free theater

Barrier-Free Theatre: Including Everyone in Theatre Arts – in Schools, Recreation, and Arts Programs – Regardless of (Dis)Ability

By Sally Bailey

A  nuts-and-bolts, hands-on, comprehensive guide for making drama accessible to people of all ages. Easy to read and full of great ideas!


In Rumi's Field cover onlyIn Rumi’s Field

By Doug Stewart

12-15 minute comedy
3 characters, any gender

The Persian poet Rumi said it, nearly 700 years ago, “Out beyond the ideas of right and wrong, there is a field. I’ll meet you there.” This short play gives us an on-site view of what can happen in that field.


in the restroom new scanIn the Rest Room at Rosenblooms
By Ludmilla Bollow

90 minute comedy
4 women, plus extras

This contemporary 2-act comedy reveals the hopes, dreams, and fears of three older ladies who spark their lonely lives by meeting daily in the restroom lounge of an outdated department store!



Roses-to-Plan-1Roses to Plan
By Robin Rice Lichtig

10 minute comedy
1 man, 1 woman

An older married couple give us a sweet and funny look at love in a long-standing marriage. Touching and kind, winner of many awards.



Spindrift-Way-1Spindrift Way
By Stuart Harris

25 minute comedy
3 women, 1 man

When the electricity goes out on a busy street, two spunky older ladies jump into action, directing traffic, without being asked!



the magazineThe Magazine
By Doug Stewart

12-15 minute comedy
4 men, 2 women

In this moving comedy, a napping Elroy is completely oblivious as five complete strangers engage in a spirited cross-generational debate above his sleeping form regarding the value of history’s hard-earned lessons.



Waiting for Dr. HamlettWaiting for Dr. Hamlett
By Doug Stewart

12-15 minute comedy
6 men, 4 women

This delightful romp takes you through the medical morass of Dr. Hamlett’s Padua City waiting room, as ten zany characters collect and distribute Shakespearian quotes as though picking daffodils on a bright Spring morning.



standing ovationStanding Ovation
By Ross Gray and Christina Sinding

A senior theatre company, Act II Studio, is approached by a Canadian center about transforming their social science research into a play about breast cancer. What resulted was the phenomenon, “Handle With Care?” which had over 200 performances across Canada and in the U.S. Includes book and video.




never act your age re-scannedNever Act Your Age
Dr. Dale Anderson, M.D.

Learn how to use theatre for a healthier, more active life. The witty, whimsical Dr. Dale keeps you in stitches as he prescribes acting and laughter to help you feel years younger. Gain a new outlook on how being on stage can bring you health, success, and a fuller life.


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