The Gray Pretenders of Colony Cove

gray pretenders with arthur keyser

High School Reunion actors with Playwright, Arthur Keyser

The Gray Pretenders are a group of seniors and some young folks, who love the theatre. As amateurs, they present lively, fun shows that the audiences enjoy. For the past three years the company has performed several 10 to 15 minute plays, which are very popular with both actors and audiences. The actors appreciate that the short shows are easy to memorize and the audiences love the variety! The Gray Pretenders are up to the challenge of becoming the character they are portraying and giving 100% in rehearsals and at show time.

Company members come from all walks of life, different states and countries. When together the group has fun, enjoys each others company, takes compliments or criticism with a smile and continues on. They do theatre to have fun and enjoy themselves!

The actors are supported by stage and sound crew members, videographers, and a music director. They feel very fortunate to have a great group of people who make up The Gray Pretenders.

gray pretenders ticket takers

Even the ‘ticket takers’ join in the fun!


Bernie Peterson, President
3720 Morningside Dr.
Ellenton, FL 34222

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