Senior Centerstage list of plays

All the plays and skits in this collection run from 5 to 10 minutes in length

Suggested Use: Use with senior adults either for performance or just as an activity at weekly meetings. Some sketches can be used as starters for discussing intergenerational issues or for eye-opening presentations on issues aging adults face.With the premise that it’s possible to grow old gracefully, Seniors Centerstage grapples with growing old with humor and pathos. While the topics cover the more difficult phases of aging, like Alzheimer’s, older adult abuse, and surrendering a driver’s license, topics are handled deftly with humor, and with an appropriate gentleness.

“Blanton’s well-written [sketches] are filled with humor and will be useable in any senior acting group.“–Stage Directions Magazine

The non-royalty plays include:

  • Yard Sale
  • Let ‘em Go, but Worry
  • Driving No More
  • Going Together
  • The Tuesday Club
  • Old Bird, New Songs
  • Battle of the Roses
  • Tables Turned
  • Mr. Fixit
  • Old Hymns, Old Hims and Older Hers
  • Soaking in the Soaps
  • Dignified or Dispensable
  • Computer Disorientation
  • Trading Places
  • The Van Trip
  • Doris Malapropism
  • Adult Abuse
  • What Does She KNow
  • No Moss
  • The Good Ol’ Days
  • Salt and Fabric
  • Reflections of a Moldy Oldie
  • Dueling Bibles
  • Rapping it All UP

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