Viagara Falls & the 70 Year Old Virgin


When Fran borrows a container of artificial sweeteners from her nervous husband-to-be, she has no idea the chaos it will bring to their peaceful retirement village.

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    Janet Findlay & Alan Youngson
    80 minute comedy
    4 women, 4 men

    About the play: Fran borrows a container of artificial sweeteners from her nervous husband-to-be, Eric. She had no idea that’s where he squirreled away his experimental Viagra pills. The peaceful retirement community erupts with chaos and embarrassment. A super fun show with lots of action and great characters!

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    Here’s what they’re saying about the show:

    • “Take a new-age three-time divorcee and bride-to-be and her nervy 70 year old virgin groom – then mix in an “uplifted” ex-reverend, his witty wife, and a stuffy busybody – and you have all the ingredients for a fun-filled 80 minutes of laugh out loud comedy and farce.”
    • “A colorful cast of characters collaborate and connive in this hilarious tale of misplaced unisex Viagra pills and results in mishap and mayhem.”

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    About the playwrights: Janet Findlay is known throughout South East Queensland for her impersonation of Queen Elizabeth II, but she has also been a radio copywriter and a performance poet. Since graduating from the NZ National Drama School in Wellington, Janet has worked professionally for over 40 years in a variety of theatre companies and performed for audiences of all ages in Australia, New Zealand and the US. A play she co-wrote with Cathy Downes, The Heartache & Sorrow Show, was staged at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival.

    Alan Youngson was born and high school educated in Scotland. He completed his BA in both English and Theatre Arts and B.Ed with specialist Speech & Drama teacher training in Canada. Throughout his 45-year Performing Arts Management career in Australia, Alan has been involved in and employed by four performing arts centers, three theatre companies, two education departments, and one arts festival. His specialty is directing comedy, farce, and revue shows – most recently, Run for your Wife and Adventure Before Dementia – as well as writing, performing, and winning several Toastmaster Humorous Speech Contests.

    Alan and Janet

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    Janet Findlay & Alan Youngson


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