The Speeding Ticket


Starlight Moon knows how to talk her way out of a speeding ticket. Is she telling the truth or not? So funny!

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  • speeding ticket mel and caroline

    Bob Naquin
    15 minute comedy
    1 woman, 2 either

    We have all broken into a cold sweat when we have seen the blue flashing lights of a law enforcement officer in our rear view mirror. But not Starlight Moon. She may be old, but she knows how to talk her way out of a speeding ticket. She may have to tell a view untruths along the way, but they are all good for a laugh or two as she works the arresting officer into a frenzy, and then reverts back to the sweet old lady she really is. Or is she? It is up for the audience to decide who Starlight Moon really is as she rides off into the sunset and the arresting officer considers early retirement.

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    Bob Naquin


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