Secret Family Recipes


Asking a sister for the family heirloom is extra tricky when she’s left this world.

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  • Emily McClain
    10 minute play
    3 women

    Suzanne has looked high and low for a missing family heirloom and now, as a last ditch effort, she asks a psychic to contact her deceased sister. Surprisingly, the call to the other world works, and her sister has a visitation. What’s not surprising is her sister’s prickly and petty personality persists beyond the grave. Despite the sibling rivalry, their sisterly bond and their love of a Hermes scarf, endure.

    What they are saying about the show:

    • Delightful! McClain’s dialogue sparkles in this family romp with a beyond-the-grave vibe. Lots of fun action and comic surprises would make this an engaging piece for any team to work on, and audiences will eat it up.  – R. Carnes
    • This script is pure fun: sibling jealousy and a strong conflict/need at its core, distinct characters and precise dialogue added in to the mix, and an environment and actions that put it over the top. An audience will be surprised and delighted throughout.  – S. Martin

    Production History

    • Out Of Box Theatre, Georgia
    • Theatre Oxford, Winner, Ten Minute Play Festival
    • Latinas Who Lead Community Theatre, Atlanta Georgia

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    Short Plays, Mystery


    Emily McClain

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    10 Minute Play


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