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Lunch with friends is always fun except when you get to the age where food, pharmaceuticals, and friendships are at odds.

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    Lennie Singer
    15 minute comedy
    4 women, 1 either

    About the play: Who knew going out to lunch would become a major hassle? Lunch with friends is always fun, except when you get to the age where food, pharmaceuticals, and friendships are at odds. Pushy Agnes, vivacious Rosie, proper Bea, and flighty Gladis, four old friends, have a standing weekly lunch date at a restaurant. But as they have lunch and grapple with dietary needs, physical demands, and unsolicited advice, the pals’ luncheon ends up causing mayhem and indigestion for the exhausted waiter and for the ladies who lunch.

    What audience members are saying about the show:

    “This play and these characters hit home! What a hoot!”
    “I saw me on that stage! So much fun.”
    “I’m being kinder to the waiter when I go out next time!”

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    About the playwright: With a BFA in Theatre Arts from University of Illinois, Lennie has taught theatre for 55 years, directed over 35 plays and musicals, and performed in many plays. She’s written and produced ten plays and musicals. She is co-founder of Lake Dillon Theatre, which is now in its 26th year. As she grew older, her interest in theatre for seniors heightened, acknowledging the therapeutic value of theatre for folks of a certain age.

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    Lennie Singer



    running time

    10-20 Minute Play






    $20 per performance

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