Mike ‘Hard As’ Nails


A series of three short, humorous plays to perform singly or together! They all star a private eye and his cronies, similar to the hard-boiled private investigator dramas of the 1950s.

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  • Georgia Tuxbury
    3 short comedies in a series

    About the series: A series of three short, humorous plays to perform singly or together! They all star a private eye and his cronies. They’re done like the hard-boiled private investigator dramas of the 1950s with all the characters we’ve come to know and love.

    CASTING NOTICE: You can use as few as 2 men and 2 women to play all the characters in the three shows. Or, you can cast 4 men and 4 women to play the roles. The shows work well with double casting, if you need it. See the plays listed below for specific information.

    Mike ‘Hard As’ Nails and the Case of the Wandering Buck
    15 minute comedy
    1 man, 1 woman
    Mike stays away from cases of unfaithful spouses, but Joy Buchanan is so charming and convincing he takes her on as a client. Besides that, he needs the money. Joy hires him to follow her husband Buck and catch him and his paramour in “the act”–of eating and drinking

    Mike ‘Hard As’ Nails and the Case of the Missing Mink
    15 minute comedy
    1 man, 2 women
    Mike has had a bad year. What he needs is a well-heeled client. Who should knock on his door but the diamond-flashing Suzette Swank who hires Mike to find her missing mink coat

    Mike ‘Hard As’ Nails and the Case of the Loving Lozanos
    15 minute comedy
    2 men, 1 woman
    As a private eye, Mike has seen some pretty sleazy characters in his day but none as bad as Louie ‘the Louse’ Lozano, bug exterminator and owner of the House of Pestitution. Louie feels his marriage is falling apart so he hires Mike to find out what his wife wants in a man.

    Here’s what they’re saying about the shows:

    • These are three of the funniest plays that I have seen. Anyone looking for a good laugh will enjoy them. – Colette Brown-Clark
    • I had the honor of playing Mike in all three of these productions. It was such fun. The plays are clever and keep the audience laughing. – Jim Grotenhuis

    About the playwright: Georgia Tuxbury retired from public relations and advertising before she was one of the reporters for Southwest Farm Press. She is currently a freelance writer of plays, short stories, poetry, and novels. Fifteen years ago she started a drama club in the over-fifty community where she lives.

    Check out other plays by Georgia Tuxbury: Angel in Disguise–or How to Get Your Husband to Wear a Costume and All I Want is the Recipe

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    Georgia Tuxbury


    Flexible Length, Comedy, Plays in a Series, Short Plays, Single Play

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