Readers Theatre Karaoke®: Love Conquers The Wild West


In the 1870’s, as Daisy Fontaine’s wedding approaches, she gets news that her  brother has lost his wife to the fever. Features the good guys and bad guys that make melodrama fun!  

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  • Seniors as Stars celebrates their performance of "Love Conquers the Wild West"

    Seniors as Stars celebrates their performance of “Love Conquers the Wild West”

    Readers Theatre Like You’ve Never Seen… Or HEARD… It Before!

    No Karaoke equipment required!

    Jim Gustafson
    15 minute melodrama
    3 men, 6 women, double casting possible

    The melodrama is set in the 1870’s when Daisy Fontaine, a young and beautiful New York socialite is engaged to marry the man of her dreams. However, as the wedding approaches she gets news that her  brother, an early settler in the Wild West, has lost his wife to the fever. Faced with his raising three small children alone, Daisy leaves New York, her wealth, and the man she loves to help the family. As the years go by Daisy never loves again and settles in to the hard life of a frontier woman. Eventually an unusual turn of events reunites Daisy with the man she left behind and proves that true love can tame the Wild West. Features the normal good guys and bad guys that make melodrama fun!

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    Introducing Readers Theatre Karaoke®
    Readers Theatre Has Just Taken A Giant Step Forward! Imagine Readers Theatre performed in a dimly lit room with just the right background music creating a mood for the story. Imagine having sound effects like thunder or pounding hooves to bring realism to the reading. Imagine turning your Readers Theatre performance into mesmerizing “Theatre of the Mind” like those magic old time dramas back in the Golden Age of Radio. That’s Exactly What Readers Theatre Karaoke® does… And It’s All On A DVD. Your Readers Theatre Karaoke® DVD has the stage, orchestra, and all the sound effects to make your Readers Theatre performance something really special.

    Here’s How It Works
    The text of the script appears on a TV screen so your actors can watch the screen and read along. Background music and sound effects are on the disc and timed to the script so they come in right on cue as the actors deliver their lines. The result is a total theatrical experience.

    No Special Equipment Required
    Readers Theatre Karaoke® uses a standard home DVD player and TV. Just insert the disc and “Raise The Curtain!” DVD’s also include a script to print out and use for rehearsals or in performance.

    “Readers Theatre Karaoke” added a whole new dimension to our Senior Theatre program. The seniors loved seeing their lines on the screen and they picked up the format really quickly. The sound effects made the show extra fun! I love “Readers Theatre Karaoke!” — Shelley Barley, Life Enrichment Director


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    Jim Gustafson


    Comedy, Readers Theatre, Short Plays, Romance

    Running Time

    10-20 Minute Play






    $20 per performance

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