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Spice up improvisation with this deck of 100+ cards to create character, setting, and action. Such fun!

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    This deck of 100+ cards includes Who am I, Where am I, What am I Doing, plus Emotion Cards, and the ones you pull out when all else fails, the Raise the Stakes cards. They will expand your improv work and give you even more fun ideas.

    Improv with Older Adults
    Improvisation is easy, quick, and stimulating. In fact, it’s a hit with older actors. The free-flowing format brings out the creativity in everyone as strangers become friends. Everything is fresh because in an improv, you never know what will happen next!

    Use this book to learn the basics, explore warm ups, incorporate memories, and build stories. Discover how easy it is to transform the improvs from classroom to performance. Understand how to adapt improvs for those with mobility issues. This useful guide, filled with great ideas, will be one you’ll turn to time and again.

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    Rick Kerby, the Artistic Director of the Manatee Performing Arts Center, has always known that actors are at their best when they are laughing. So when he began teaching Senior Theatre at retirement and assisted living facilities, he naturally turned to improv. Here are his most successful sessions clearly outlined for older actors, from active to frail. For use wherever seniors gather, you’ll find they keep participants more active, mentally alert, and laughing. Rick helps you get creative juices flowing!

    • Participating in improvisation increases cognitive skills in older adults and helps keep their minds sharp and alert. – Dr. Anthony Pizzo, MD
    • Rick’s improv work with our residents has built a sense of trust and confidence within the group. It’s been an eye-opening, character building, and life-enhancing experience.- Holly Sroka, Enrichment Director
    • Improv has made me a better conversationalist. It teaches me to listen more, be aware of what the other person is saying, thinking, or feeling, and to react. – Christine Elan, Improv Participant
    • I LOVE fun and laughter! Improv gives me a boost. It makes me laugh more! – Constance Tomala, Improv Participant
    • Improv was scary and made me feel vulnerable, but Rick’s encouragement and patience eased the discomfort. Now it’s not scary. I’ve learned that sometimes it works out great, sometimes not so great, but I can do it and I’m no longer afraid. – Estelle Goldsby, Improv Participant

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