Funny Stuff: 10 Skits by Olga


Get all ten of Olga’s funny skits in one volume! Each play is ten minutes long. They are easy to read and a pleasure to perform, all in large print.

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  • Olga Sanderson

    Olga M. Sanderson raised a family, was actively involved in her community, became a playwright; and she did it all while being blind. Nothing stopped Olga. This is the same feisty spirit you’ll find in all her plays. Discover her quirky, lively sense of humor in this book featuring ten of her best comedies.

    Get all ten of Olga’s funny skits in one volume! They are easy to read and a pleasure to perform, all in large print.

    Each play is ten minutes long and they are all royalty-free.

    You’ll enjoy:

    The Wrong Captive
    2 men, 3 women. Have sisters Dora and Delia finally caught a garden pest…or a neighbor’s beloved pet?

    Those Dog Gone Wrinkles
    2 men, 3 women. Elsie tests her revolutionary wrinkle cream on dogs at a blue ribbon dog show.

    Substitute Sitters
    3 men, 3 women. Have Aunts Delia and Deborah abandoned their babysitting charge to two strange men?

    Prejudice Meets Its Waterloo
    1 man, 4 women. Adolph Schlepenheimer is mortified to discover his ‘new fangled’ doctor.

    Strange UFO
    1 man, 4 women. Sam Pott’s pants on the flagpole, flapping in the breeze, stuns the Law Firm. So funny.

    Mother is Losing It
    2 men, 3 women. When Mrs. Brown misplaces something important, her whole family goes into action!

    Skunked by a Dog
    1 man, 2 women. When Ann and Mary hear about their mother’s wedding to Mr. Schlepenheimer, they create a crazy plan that just might work!

    Singing Drips
    2 men, 2 women. Confusion breaks out when Mary’s voice teacher and the plumber show up at the house, at the same time!

    The Bug Hunters
    2 men, 4 women. Two crafty sisters are suspicious of the Inspectors from the State Board of Health, and they were right!

    Close Call
    2 men, 2 women. Charlie and Clem like their two widow neighbors, but how can they propose to them?


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