Arches, Balance and Light


This lovely play brings Julia Morgan to life. She was a ground-breaking architect who designed more than 700 buildings during her long and prolific career, including Hearst Castle.

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  • Mary Spletter
    60 minute drama
    1 man, 3 women, 1 either plus 4 extras that can be double cast

    About the play: This lovely play brings Julia Morgan to life. She was a ground-breaking architect who designed more than 700 buildings during her long and prolific career. Best known for Hearst Castle in San Simeon, California, all she wanted was to be a world-class architect. In this play, Mary and other characters explore her life and whether she followed the right path. Did she give up too much to achieve her goal?

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    Here’s what they’re saying about the play:

    • One of the best new plays we’ve ever done. . .captures the passion of Julia Morgan. . .touched audiences. –Alex Ross, Business Manager and  Board Member, Ross Valley Players
    • A love story wrapped in a mystery, disguised as a memory—a remarkable legacy is brought to vivid life. –David Templeton, North Bay Bohemian
    • A script that is engaging, suspenseful, mysterious and also illuminating. –Leslie Courier, managing director, Marin Shakespeare Company
    • A fascinating historical fiction about the life of the great architect, Julia Morgan – a kind of who-done-it that poses questions that dig deep into the psyche of this pioneering feminist. –Jay Manley, award-winning Bay Area Director
    • Strangely comforting. –Eric Ivory, Audience member
    • A sophisticated, fully developed piece of historical fiction…a stylistic gambit that works wonderfully. –Barry Willis, president of the Bay Area Theatre Critics Circle, Marin Independent Journal
    • There is something thrilling about this production. –Patrick Thomas, Talk in Broadway

    About the playwright: Mary Spletter wanted to see how far she could stretch her journalism degree. During her eclectic career, she has been a medical and science writer throughout the University of California, a reporter, free-lance writer and author. When she retired, she combined her fascination of Julia Morgan designed buildings with her love of theatre to produce Arches, Balance, and Light. She lives in a historic building in the San Francisco Bay Area with her husband and dog.

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