Age on Stage®: Lifewriting Your Monologue


Joy Reilly takes you through the writing process as you create monologues that reflect your own story.  The monologues, from funny to deeply personal, will inspire you!

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  • By Joy Reilly

    Learn how to transform your life experience into theatre. Joy Reilly takes you through the writing process as you create monologues that reflect your own story.

    Use her company, Howling at the Moon, as your model. Their monologues, from funny to deeply personal, will inspire you. They can be used in class or in readings. The 38 monologues are arranged so that they are ready to be performed…making a show that’s easy to put together, with strong impact.

    “Joy Reilly’s techniques make lifewriting easy, creative and rewarding. On stage, it goes beyond storytelling. The space between the performers and the audience is filled with a powerful impact that stays with you!”

    A Customer Favorite!

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    Joy Reilly


    Monologues and Scenes, Create Theatre from Memories, Acting, Directing and Senior Theatre company management

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