Playwrights and Authors

The Senior Theatre Resource Center is proud to work with many wonderful playwrights and authors. Below is a partial list. Take a moment and see all the shows these playwrights have written.

If you’d like to have your play, book, or material published, click here to read our Writers’ Guidelines  or contact us for a copy. We look forward to reading your work!

Jules Abrams

Ludmilla Bollow

Alex Broun

Frank Canino

Sherry Churchill

John Clifford

Jack DyVille

Don Fried

Drena Heizer

Arthur S. Keyser

Dory Kaiser

Linda LaRocque

Pamela Loyd

Herb McCollom

Ann McDonough

Bob Naquin

Tom Northam

Sherry Piros

Ann Barham Pugh

Linda L. Rand

Bob Rinfret

Robert Redd

Olga Sanderson

Fred Sahner

Marcia Savin

Susan Shear

Art Shulman

Judd Lear Silverman

Brandon Doughtry Slocum

Doug Stewart

Bara Swain

Bonnie L. Vorenberg

Wes Wetzel

Jon Zaley

Click here to read our Writers’ Guidelines 

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