Plays that are “Ageless”

These plays are  “Ageless” because they feature active, engaged seniors whose lives have taken interesting twists and turns. Each is a well-crafted, entertaining story that reveals or helps the audience re-discover something about humanity, leading to energetic conversations about the play.

They pair well with the plays in

AGELESS! 11 Short Plays Celebrating Seniors Plays, a book that sprang from the Still Crazy After All These Years Festival.

A Life Enriching Community: A loving portrayal of an older couple who are adjusting to their new life in a South Florida retirement community.

A Profusion of Roses: A seriously wonderful play! With two strong women’s roles this show features a mother, daughter, and an absent “sister” in a twisty, mysterious relationship.

Alice and Charlie Forget About Sally and Eddie: A couple in their seventies urgently culls through old photographs and letters, contesting each other’s memory of a special romance.

Coming of Age: Edna’s going native! After 51 years of marriage to Max, she is taking a vacation all by herself.

Compos Mentis (of sound mind): When Robert and Alese Langford interview for a coveted spot at an elite retirement community, everyone–including the audience–is in for surprises!

The Naked Truth: A deeply funny comedy in which a man loses his eyesight yet gains a new perspective on truth, beauty, and art.

Sara Plays Her Game: In WWII Paris during Madame Joel’s French class, Sara learns how to play a very important game. Award-winning monologue!

Secrets in the Clouds: Liz and Elsie, friends for 30 years, meet in the Afterlife, where secrets are revealed as they play games and drink Irish Whiskey. Wonderful, lively characters full of punch.

Snow and Seven Marshmallows: It’s another sunny day for Ron, until he finds his wife, Phyllis, wearing a parka and ski pants. Only mugs of hot chocolate with seven marshmallows resolve the issue.


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