Plays about New Destinations

These shows can be tied together to create a longer production based on the theme of “New Destinations.” Click on each title to learn more about the show, read a FreeView, and order your perusal copy.

The Hotel Lobbyist
12 minute comedy, 2 women
How far will feisty senior, Goldalee Schneider, go to make her daughter listen to her? In this comedy, our protagonist resorts to a sit-in strike at the Holiday Inn!

Coming of Age
7 minute comedy, 1 woman, 1 voice over
After 51 years of marriage to Max, Edna took a vacation all by herself. Now she’s back and wonders what is next.

A Moving Experience
10 minute comedy, 2 men, 1 woman
Today is moving day and Eddie is ready to help his mom move to the Purple Sage Retirement Village. But mom has other plans.

Making a Move
20 minute comedy, 2 men, 2 women: Harvey wants to enjoy his retirement watching TV but his wife, Vera, has other plans for him!

Grown up Games
10 minute comedy, 2 men
Anthony and Charles wait on the train platform for the next train. Will they get on it?

On Purpose
10 minute, 3 either
The old concession stand is being torn down so what will the customers do?

No Frills Airline
5 minute sketch, 1 man, 5 women
Flying isn’t what it used to be. Take it from these passengers, their flight attendants, and captain. What a flight!

Go, Momma, Go
10 minute comedy, 1 man, 3 women
Two sisters argue about what to do with Momma, but Momma has plans of her own!

Check out all the many different themes that tie together short shows!

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