Plays about Cruises

These shows can be tied together to create a longer production based on the theme of “Cruises.” Click on each title to learn more about the show, read a FreeView, and order your perusal copy.

Favorite Cousins
20 minute comedy
2 men, 2 women
Two old ‘cousins’ Carolyn and John, who haven’t seen each other in years, run off together on a cruise much to the chagrin of their protective middle-aged children.

Romance Senior Style: Singles Cruise
Three women meet on deck during a singles cruise. All goes well until an eligible male appears, add martinis into the mix and you’ll never know what you get!
30 minute comedy
1 man, 4 women, 1 either

Romance Senior Style: Boys Will Be Boys
33-40 minute comedy
3 men, 2 women
Take a seniors’ singles cruise and discover if nice guys really finish first, or if the ‘bad boy’ wins the girl. A hilarious look at senior style romance. Fun stuff!

One More Tomorrow
The venerable ‘Miss Mossy,’ a century-old Mississippi riverboat, is ready to sail for an all-inclusive adventure. Along the way, she reminds us about life’s new possibilities.
80 minute musical
3 men, 5 women

SS Shippenshore
9 men, 15 women in any size cast, can be easily double cast
75 minute variety show/musical
Here is your next variety show. Use the play’s plot of a six-day cruise to Havana and use the acts in the show or add your own.

Check out all the many different themes that unify short shows!

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