Plays about Bureaucracy

These shows can be tied together to create a longer production based on the theme of “Plays about Bureaucracy.” Click on each title to learn more about the show, read a FreeView, and order your perusal copy.

The Challenge of Bureaucracy
7-10 minute comedy sketch
1 woman, 1 voice, several phone attendees can be male or female
An older lady has not received her last Social Security check so she calls a bureaucrat for help. Short, easy to produce and best of all, it’s a ‘never fail’ script!

The License
10 minute comedy
2 men, 2 women or 1 man, 3 women
An engaged couple’s trip to the County office to get a marriage license sounds easy enough. But the County Clerk has her own plans for them

The DMV, or What’s Your Sign?
5 minute comedy
2 women
Things at the DMV, Department of Motor Vehicles, aren’t always easy. The life of an examiner can be difficult!

Check out all the many different themes that tie together short shows!

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