Off Their Rockers Troupe

Off Their Rockers TroupeThe Off Their Rockers Troupe, under the direction of Linda Benson, meets at the Anchorage Senior Activity Center (ASAC). Their mission is to entertain:

“If life is a stage we’ll play it to the end.
When our audiences chuckle, laugh or cry, we spread our wings.”

Since the group began in 2004, they have performed plays, dinner theatre, readers theatre, and radio shows. They perform for fundraising events and tour to Anchorage Community Theatre(ACT), senior facilities, and to local civic groups. They study every intriguing aspect of theatre while performing several shows each year. The Troupe is encouraged by the support they receive from ASAC and from ACT’s Education and Outreach Program.

Members also act in commercials, movies, and in plays at ACT, Out North Theater, and Cyrano’s Theatre. The talented members of Off Their Rockers also work at other venues as directors, stage managers, costume designers, prop masters, and crew members.

Director Linda Benson, who has a B.A. in Theatre from the University of Iowa, acts, directs and helps local theatre in numerous productions throughout the year. Her expertise and success sustain the core group of fifteen actors, aging from 50 to 90.

Kate Williams directs, mentors, and leads workshops. She has a B.A. in Theatre from the University of Alaska and is the Education Coordinator at ACT. Kate loves teaching and wants to be a theatre educator. She says she loves growing and exploring theatre with the Off Their Rockers Troupe.


Linda Benson


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