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We’re happy to introduce these new scripts in our collection. Click on the title for a longer description, testimonials, and a FreeView. We think you’re really going to like these new gems!


Finding Zeus

Jack Rushton
1 man, 1 woman
10 minute comedy
Charles and Martha have been together for a long time. They love each other. Like any long-term relationship, they also take each other for granted. Today, Martha has decided to shake things up.

A Memoir of Jackson

Rona Altrows
1 man, 1 either
10 minute play
Penner, a retired engineer, has hit a block in his memoir writing class at a senior rec center. After class, he asks the facilitator, Ginni, if he can trash his autobiography-in-progress and instead write about his elderly cat Jackson, despite only having him for four years.

Something Old, Something New

Margie Semilof
1 man, 1 woman
10 minute comedy
Beverly wants to spice up her marriage with Al, who’s a traditional guy and a bit of a prude. Beverly learns about a new, three-speed, high-tech vibrator and orders one on Amazon. Al sees the sex toy and is horrified, but it sparks an honest conversation about the balance of power in their household.

Compos Mentis

Marilyn Millstone
1 man, 2 women
10 minute comedy
Robert and Alese Langford interview with Dr. Patricia Ambrose for a coveted spot at Silver Glades Senior Living. Their children think they’re ready to make the move, but is Silver Glades Senior Living ready for Robert and Alese?


Jack Rushton
1 man, 1 woman
10 minute comedy
Walter and Elise enjoy each other’s company. They even enjoy their passive-aggressiveness toward each other, up to a point. But when they each think they know exactly what the other one is saying, things can get complicated through mistranslation.

Prepper’s Nightmare

Rex McGregor
1 man, 1 woman
10 minute comedy
Keen to be prepared for any global catastrophe, a wealthy American is installing a bunker on remote farmland in New Zealand. He believes this will be the safest place in the world to protect his family–until he meets a local.

The Radio Show

Basil Melnyk
1 man, 3 women
10 minute comedy radio play
This play within a play is set in a radio station studio. As a soap opera is being broadcast, the audience is led to believe that the guest actor and actress hate each other. The guest actor and actress go off script and end up destroying the entire show. A fun show with a twist!

Splitting Hares

Brett Hursey
1 man, 2 women
10 minute comedy
Couples counseling takes a strange turn as Ron and Annie struggle with a serious case of “Rabbititis.” Doctor Harvey has her hands full with a case of furry ears, a twitchy nose, and a patient who doesn’t know heads from (cotton) tails.


Out to Lunch

Lennie Singer
4 women, 1 either
15 minute comedy
Who knew going out to lunch would become a major hassle? Lunch with friends is always fun, except when you get to the age where food, pharmaceuticals, and friendships are at odds. Pushy Agnes, vivacious Rosie, proper Bea, and flighty Gladis, four old friends, have a standing weekly lunch date at a restaurant. But as they have lunch and grapple with dietary needs, physical demands, and unsolicited advice, the pals’ luncheon ends up causing mayhem and indigestion for the exhausted waiter and for the ladies who lunch.

Perplexing Polar Problems

Jack Coberly
4 men, 3 women 
10 minute comedy
Santa Claus is not always his jolly self. Problems can occur in his Polar Kingdom, and they can be very perplexing. Without warning, Santa finds himself facing labor and production problems, especially concerning his elves. With the assistance of the Grimm brothers, he manages to solve the problems in a unique way.

Calling Dr. Phil

C.A. Dougherty
1 man, 1 woman 
20 minute comedy
Dixie has a unique problem with her husband, but her favorite TV shrink, Dr. Phil, isn’t available to help. Disappointed but determined, Dixie turns to Dr. Naish, a local therapist, with her issue, but she isn’t sure he’s up to the level of Dr. Phil’s standards.


Lawyer, Lawyer

Bob Naquin
2 women, 5 either
25 minute comedy
A dyslexic murderess is being prosecuted by a public works employee who has a preoccupation with her cell phone. The murderess admits to murdering her husband with a butter knife, which makes her inept lawyer’s job much more difficult. This fun play features a hilarious court trial with a lot of laughs!

Love in 4/4 Time

Gary Young
2 women, 2 men
40 minute play for aging awareness
Do the names Carol and Ted and Alice and Bob, perhaps two of the most famous couples of the 1970s, jog your memory? The names are the same, but the time and characters are different. Two couples, confronted by the reality of Alzheimer’s disease and dementia, forge ahead into life’s undefined future with questions, humor, and honesty, discovering that most things boil down to the truth of “What is, is.”


A Will to Murder

Bob Naquin
5 women, 2 men, 1 either
45 minute mystery
William “Billy Bob” Thornburg has died somewhat peacefully in his sleep. A cast of unsavory relatives, a corrupt lawyer, a sexy maid, and a devious butler circle the body to divide the spoils of the wealthy Mr. Thornburg. Things take a decided turn toward evil as the cast suffers one fatality after another. The audience is kept in suspense to see who will ultimately survive and inherit all of Mr. Thornburg’s wealth.

Viagara Falls & the 70 Year Old Virgin

Janet Findlay & Alan Youngson
4 women, 4 men
80 minute comedy
When triple divorcee Fran borrows a container of artificial sweeteners from her nervous husband-to-be, Eric, she has no idea the chaos it will bring to their peaceful retirement village…but only Eric knows the real reason behind the chaos. He has lost the experimental Viagra pills he obtained from his charismatic Dr. Sahdu; the pills he subsequently hid in an artificial sweetener container. Will the men in the retirement village be able to attend the wedding ceremony without embarrassing themselves? Will Eric get his Viagra back in time for his wedding night?

The Cat Lady Christmas

Allison & Margaret Engel
3 women, 2 men, 2 either
60 minute radio play comedy
Cat-loving Corly promises her new beau, an allergist she met online, that she’s pet-free. It’s true; her beloved cat died after a long life. But hours before her date arrives to fix her a Christmas Eve dinner, emergencies and mix-ups cause her flamboyant best friend, her rich cousin, and a pet foster service to deposit a dozen cats at her house. Mayhem ensues as Corly hides the cats — and the handsome volunteer from the pet service — in order to pull off her dinner date. Actors can read from scripts in this comic live radio play that features a radio announcement and a sound effects artist.

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