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We’re happy to introduce these new scripts in our collection. Click on the title for a longer description, testimonials, and a FreeView. We think you’re really going to like these new gems!

FLEXIBLE LENGTH SHOWS–See Page 10 in the catalog

House of Tomorrow

Susan Shear
Flexible casting, flexible length
Personal, touching, and believable, The House of Tomorrow weaves together independent stories about facing life with fervor.

Feeble Fables

Bob Naquin
Series of four shows. There are 18 roles in these four shows. You can use as few as 5 women to play all the characters in the four shows. Or, you can cast 2 men and 16 women to play the roles.
Feeble Fables is a series of folk tales, retold with a modern twist.

Mike ‘Hard As’ Nails

Georgia Tuxbury
A series of three short, humorous plays to perform singly or together! They all star a private eye and his cronies. They’re done like the hard-boiled private investigator dramas of the 1950s with all the characters we’ve come to know and love.

SHOWS UNDER 10 MINUTES–See Page 11 in the catalog

Canine Contact

Penny Bloodhart
1 man, 1 woman
5 minute comedy
On a pleasant morning, George and Gracie encounter each other on a familiar park bench. Slightly acquainted, they briefly share the challenges of growing older. Through a happy exchange of ideas, they emerge hopeful about the future.


Greg Evans
2 men, 2 women
5 minute comedy
This funny, charming skit, an excerpt from the full-length musical Wrinkles, is about…uh…um…Oh! Memory loss! Four old friends comically stumble through some ‘senior moments’ before realizing that sometimes forgetting can be a GOOD thing!

You’re My Doctor?!

Greg Evans
1 man, 1 woman, 1 either
5 minute comedy
In this laugh-a-minute skit, Hank goes to his trusty old physician for his annual physical. But guess what–his old doc has been replaced by a new one–a young woman! And if that’s not awkward enough, why is that nurse slipping on a rubber glove…?

The Exchange

Frank Ridenour
1 man, 2 women
6 minute comedy
The simple act of returning a broken hair dryer evolves into a ‘shaken not stirred’ concoction of inanity and confusion with a dash of puzzlement, all topped off with a twist.


Jo Rake
1 man, 1 woman
7 minute comedy
It’s David and Janet Riley’s wedding anniversary and David has forgotten–again. No plans, no gift, nothing. So Janet has made her own plans–a trip to Hawaii. Now, to convince David!

10 MINUTE SHOWS–See Pages 12-15 in the catalog

The Last Holdout

Judd Lear Silverman
1 man, 1 woman
10 minute issue oriented play
Ivan rebels when Dorothy, an administrator, thinks she knows what’s best for him. A sensitive show that highlights issues such as seniors not feeling that they are heard.

Living Large

Linda Larocque
4 women
10 minute comedy
Peg knows that she has to make changes if she’s going to make it financially. So, she changes her name, gives up her apartment, and moves into a Holiday Inn!

Out of This World

Linda Larocque
3 women
10 minute comedy
Be prepared to laugh throughout this outrageous and hilarious comedy. Sharon and Joyce are enjoying a glass of wine but nothing could possibly prepare them for the entrance of Kay, an old friend who crashes their afternoon by announcing she’s an alien. Woman will love doing these terrifically fun roles!

The Glove

Steve Fogelman
1 man, 1 woman
10 minute issue-oriented play
Howard and Roz need a rush gift for their grandchild who has had a recent trans diagnosis. Should they bring a baseball glove or a ‘princess’ gift?

Merry Christmas / Happy Thanksgiving

Susan Jarrett
1 man, 7 women
10 minute comedy
Nora has posted an invitation to all of her lonely neighbors, but what a group appears!

Griddle Cakes

Mark Rigney
2 women
10 minute comedy
Two aging sisters debate the merits of answering the telephone, global warming, and attending the annual wildflower walk. A great character study, perfect for seniors!

Up and Down

Douglas Campbell
1 man, 1 woman
10 minute comedy
What happens when two people get trapped in an elevator? Find out in this delightful comedy about anxiety, anger, and connecting. Fun and very easy to stage!

Metaphorical Shoes

Judith Pratt
1 man, 2 women
10 minute comedy
After spending most of her life raising children and wearing sensible shoes, Doris finds her inner goddess in a pair of stylish, trendy shoes. Husband Don is not convinced.

Waiting for 7

Philip Hall
2 women
10 minute comedy
Mary finds Ethel’s marital history to be nothing short of astonishing, including a surprising trend about her many husbands. Great characters!

Thank You

Roger Brookfield
1 man, 1 woman
10 minute comedy
The good thing about imagination is it never gets old and no one can ever steal it from you. Rudy watches a neighbor couple perform a youthful ritual of dance, and persuades his wife, Wanda, to join him and be transformed in their imaginations to dance as they did in their youth.

Heart to Heart

Eric Weil
2 women, 1 either
10 minute comedy
A new widow wants to see her husband’s heart before it is transplanted into another man. But when she tells the recipient’s wife about her husband’s questionable character, she implants second thoughts into the mix.

The Comeuppance of Flame LaQuench

Terryl Paiste
3 men, 4 women (can be double cast; 1 man can play 3 roles)
10 minute comedy
After three husbands and in spite of the dire warnings of her cousin and the Swamp Lady, headstrong Flame seems to be headed for her own death or (worse) comeuppance!

At the Diner with Dad

Walter Thinnes
1 man, 2 women
10 minute comedy
His daughter is taking Dad to his appointments and they’re at lunch. It’s a battle to be heard, but Dad finds a way to get her attention!


Lisa Bruna
1 man, 2 women
10 minute comedy
Liz and Marjorie spark a community scandal when they accidentally hit send on a provocative email, blasting it out to the entire Wine Wednesday chat group.

World’s Oldest Hobby

Frank Canino
10 minute comedy
2 men, 2 women
How about a new hobby that only requires a telephone and some imagination? Jan and Barbara are making some interesting choices.

10-20 MINUTE SHOWS–See Pages 17-19 in the catalog

You Want What?

Penny Petersen
1 man, 1 woman
11 minute comedy
Laurie desperately wants to do something that she thinks her husband hates. So she visits her ex-husband for advice for help in figuring it out. There are suggestions, letters, and “nearly naked,”  until who knows what happens! This show just gets more preposterous with every twist and turn.


Jo Rake
1 man, 1 woman
11 minute comedy
Jay, a widower, realizes that he is ready to meet someone new. Amanda is perfectly happy with her single life – or is she? An under-five soccer game seems an odd place to find a companion, but maybe the grandkids are the key.

For…Press or Say…

Jo Rake
1 man, 2 women
12 minute comedy
Those automatic phone services can be a pain, just ask David Riley! They don’t seem to understand what you say and they have too many choices. But his wife knows how to get past all of those annoying menus to speak with a real person.

The Refrigerator

Darlene Thompson
1 man, 1 woman, 2 either
12 minute comedy
For humans or puppets, when Phil’s old rusty refrigerator breaks, his daughter Dorothy persuades him to look for a new one. His surprising decision is funny, endearing, and sweet!

Do You Believe in Magick?

Jo Rake
3 women
12 minute comedy
How do you get someone to ask you on a date when you are a witch? Love potions? Magic charms? Maybe all it takes is a carefully dropped hint.

Moving Back

Linda Larocque
1 man, 2 women
13 minute comedy
The kids want to move back home but Dad has just the plan to stop that nonsense. Hilarious!


Linda Larocque
2 men, 1 woman
14 minute comedy
The divorced parents and their son are driving to escape the hurricane and the past, only to discover that there’s still a lot there to love!

Bingo Ladies Gone Bad

Laura Pfizenmayer
7 women
15 minute comedy
Hijinks and shenanigans rule the day as the ladies of the Perfect Petunias Garden Club pull out all the stops at the yearly luncheon and bingo game.

Sad Sack Santa

Paul DiLella
1 man, 1 woman
15 minute comedy
Four days before Christmas, all through the house, not a creature was stirring, not even a mouse–or Santa. Jay Evers, a seasonal department store Santa, has had his fill of unruly kids and obnoxious parents. He’s done, but so are the vacation plans. In a last ditch effort, his wife offers to take his place. A bet is on.

Party Animal

Marcus Steinour
1 man, 3 women
15 minute comedy
Middle-aged widower Brick Thompson has been receiving attention (and casseroles) from widows and divorcees, but at a party, it gets ridiculous!

Double Date

Pamela Loyd
1 man, 2 women 
16 minute comedy
Poor Thomas invited two different women for a first date, can’t keep their names straight, and gives wrong answers to important questions. A very funny play!


Pamela Loyd
1 man, 2 women 
16 minute comedy
Laurel confesses the unthinkable…that she has been unfaithful to her hairdresser! A fast-paced comedy of misperceptions and misunderstandings.

That’s Not The Problem

Pamela Loyd
2 men, 2 women 
18 minute comedy
Helen and Dave’s counselor is at her wit’s end. To solve their argument, Dave finally brings in the inept hit-man that Helen hired. Where will it end?

20-40 MINUTE SHOWS–See Pages 20-24 in the catalog

The Dandelion Ladies’ Decisive Tea

Pamela Loyd
4 women
20 minute comedy
Four long-time friends meet for an afternoon tea party to celebrate a major new decision they have made. Much is revealed and celebrated in this gentle comedy!

Dumpster Divers

Barbara Nouvel
1 man, 4 women, 1 male voice
20 minute comedy
A hilarious fiasco results when three older ladies try to figure out how to retrieve a case of bridge boards that accidently got thrown into a dumpster with some trash.

Digging Up Hoffa

Dave Carley
1 man, 1 woman, 1 either
20 minute comedy-drama
Years later, Jimmy Hoffa is still missing. Meanwhile, Phyllis worries about her finances and a broken septic system. She decides that desperate times require bold action!

Fool Me Once, or Henrietta’s Absolutely Horrible Day

James Buglewicz
4 men, 5 women, 2 either
20 minute issue oriented comedy
Henrietta, a new widow, is taken in by various schemes and scams, only to be saved in the nick of time by the street-wise detective and scambuster, San Scam!

Lucille Flirts with the Space-Time Continuum

Richard Davis, Jr.
2 men, 3 women
25 minute comedy
If only Lucille could live the more exciting life of her friend, Martha Anne. A sudden knock at the door reveals Madame Revere, who could make her dreams come true!!

Spaghetti Western

D. Loriston Scott
3 men, 4 women
30 minute comedy
This hilarious western-themed play asks you to choose sides, “Are you a Plainer or a Meatballer?”

Did You Hear About the Neighbor?

Cynthia MacGregor
2 men, 2 women
30 minute comedy
Ro and Ilene snoop and eavesdrop on Ilene’s new neighbor, Max, thinking that he works for the CIA, has murdered his wife, and has buried her in his backyard!

Hot Pursuit

Cynthia MacGregor
1 man, 4 women, 2 offstage female voices (can be double cast)
30 minute comedy
Three friends each try to outdo each other in appealing to a now-available man. The action is frantic and funny!

Alice and Charlie Forget About Sally and Eddie

Stephen Sossaman
1 man, 2 women
30 minute comedy
A couple in their seventies urgently culls through old photographs and letters, contesting each other’s memory of a special romance.

Gerald’s Dream

Bob Wilkins
2 men, 5 women, 1 either, plus extras
35 minute comedy
In a dream, Gerald relives his high school transformation from nerd to regular boy. All characters are hilariously played by seniors!

Christmas at the Lake

Betty Annand
3 men, 7 women
40 minute comedy
Jim is skipping the holidays this year but his stay at the lake cabin brings new revelations that change his outlook on life.

LONGER PLAYS–See Pages 25-27 in the catalog

Arches, Balance and Light

Mary Spletter
1 man, 3 women, 1 either plus 4 extras that can be double cast
60 minute drama
This lovely play brings Julia Morgan to life. She was a ground-breaking architect who designed more than 700 buildings during her long and prolific career. Best known for Hearst Castle in San Simeon, California, all she wanted was to be a world-class architect. In this play, Mary and other characters explore her life and whether she followed the right path. Did she give up too much to achieve her goal?

Betta Daze

Don Fried
1 man, 2 women
60 minute drama
Michelle is a technologically challenged senior in a retirement community. Betta is her virtual computerized assistant. How can they learn how to work together?

The Haunted Holiday Hotel

Heather Rapin and Betty Annand
5 men, 9 women, 6 either
75 minute comedy
The Haunted Holiday Hotel is jam-packed with zany characters and mysteries to solve. The fun and laughter can be enjoyed at any time of year!

Harry’s Angel

Arthur Keyser
2 men, 3 women
90 minute comedy
What could possibly tie together an Italian sister and brother, a divorced owner of a failing Jewish Deli, an Irish bookie, and a former exotic dancer? Why, love, of course!


Penny Petersen
2 men, 5 women, 1 female voice
90 minute comedy
When four sorority sisters get together for a reunion week of fun and frolic, the gathering doesn’t go as planned. Their relationships are tested but friendship prevails.

Finding Gladys

Dave Silverbrand
Two act, 90 minute comedy
4 men, 5 women, 1 either
Gladys dreams of being a celebrity. To fulfill her fantasy, she enters her play in a national contest only to find herself head over heels in comedic trouble. Audiences love this show!

MUSICALS–See Pages 30-31 in the catalog

Committee of Two

Joyce Stern Greenberg
2 women
70 minute musical
Classmates create a bright, lighthearted, and spirited musical that uses parodied song lyrics to easily-recognizable tunes.

Committee of Eight

Joyce Stern Greenberg
1 man, 7 women,
75 minute musical
Classmates create a bright, lighthearted, and spirited musical that uses parodied song lyrics to easily-recognizable tunes.

Full Steam Ahead!

Jay Kerr and Al Budde
80 minute musical
3 men, 5 women
The venerable ‘Miss Mossy,’ a century-old Mississippi riverboat, is ready to sail for an all-inclusive adventure. Along the way, she reminds us about life’s new possibilities.

There For You

David Conforte
4 men, 8 women
100 minute musical, 22 songs
Things have not gone well for songwriter/pianist Jesse Logan and singer Ray Romeo. For 45 years, they thought they would set the entertainment world on fire. Instead, with only one hit song, they resign themselves to playing dingy cocktail lounges and high school reunions. With nothing to lose, Ray concocts a scheme to ‘accidentally’ meet wealthy former high school sweethearts with ill husbands so they can jump in when comfort is needed. They hire a private investigator to start their plan with Jesse’s former sweetheart, Joanie. Things get complicated. Jesse is forced to deal with an abusive invalid husband and a granddaughter who needs to learn about love. Meanwhile, Ray gets too much of a good thing with a former sweetheart, a much younger flirtatious French chef, and Joanie’s friend.

With lovely music, endearing characters, and a fast-moving plot the musical is a love fest which teaches the true meaning of being “there for you.”

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