New Plays and Books

Here are links to the new plays and books. Click on the title for a full synopsis, royalty, and a FreeView to read some of the show. You’re going to love these!


Engage! 28 Creative Enrichment Experiences for Older Adults. 

Short Plays by the Dozen: A Collection by Arthur Keyser

One on One: The Best Monologues for Mature Actors


Plays in a Series

Old Folks Rock: A Celebration of Vitality includes Thief!, Favorite Cousins, and Opus 88: Themes, Variations or Shuffleboard Anyone?


Plays less than 10 minutes

The Purse

The Wish


Short Plays

The Wisdom of Ganesha

School for Wives

It’s Not About Pot Roast

The Prize

High School Reunion


Standing Tall

Angel in Disguise (or how to get your husband to wear a costume!)

Get Your Flu Shot!

The Great GG Gang

A Late Snow

Blinking Lights in the Middle of the Night

The Complaint Department

Crazy for Love

Out of Here

Dream Camper


Head First or Feet First?

Who Shot Fred?

In One Door! Out the Other!

Benny and Pearl Loving in a Goldfish Bowl

Lunch Ladies at L’Ambrosia Luncheria

Doughnut Hole

The Speeding Ticket

Silent Movie

Dead Cat: The Play

DNN: Definitely NOT the News

The Robbin’ Hoods

Lifeguard on Duty

Let’s Party

The Naked Man on the Couch


The Midnight Rider

Merry Humbug

Longer Plays

A Brief History of Mah Jongg

How to Marry the Rabbi

Jack Benny’s Not 39 Any More

Casserole Casanova

Uff Da!



The Sunset Gang

Back in the Dreamtime




Still Dreaming


Teacher Tools

Senior Theatre at a Glance


Create Theatre from Memories

Our Voices: Senior Selfies

See the catalog or each listing for complete information. You’re going to love performing these shows!



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