Ichabod’s Little Theatre

The President of Ichabod’s Little Theatre, Mary Olendorf started down the long road to Senior Theatre seventy years ago when she became involved with community theatre at the age of 20. Now at 90, her passion for Senior Theatre is as strong as ever!

She spent 53 years in professional summer stock, 20 years as the owner of the Red Barn Theatre in Saugatuck, MI, and 10 years producing at the Legend Theatre in South Haven, MI.

Mary taught technical production at Barat College in Lake Forest, IL and is considered the founder of the Illinois Community Theatre Association. She graduated from The Goodman Theatre in Chicago and was recently awarded the LifeTime Membership in the Community Theatre Association of Michigan. Mary also founded Ichabod’s Little Theare, South Haven, MI, a Senior Theatre for Michigan playwrights.


Mary Olendorf
President, Ichabod’s Little Theatre
Phone: 269-639-1486

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