Halloween Shows

A scene from Witch One

A scene from Witch One

Try one of our wonderful Halloween shows, or put together several on a theme Check out these great selections from our collection:

Witch One– Life is always about the unintended consequences, even if you are a witch! A funny, short play that’s easy to stage.

A Profusion of Roses– With two strong women’s roles this show introduces you to a mother, daughter, and an absent “sister” in a twisty, mysterious relationship. A seriously wonderful play!

Skits for Seniors: Holiday Plays, Halloween Costumes- In this skit, it’s the day before Halloween and four friends at the Rockcliff Residence are full of surprises as they discuss their holiday costumes.

Skits for Seniors: Holiday PlaysSuperstitions- Outrageous characters discuss superstitions in this aptly named show.

A Wasted Gift– Through James, a lonely, bitter man, we learn how to reflect on our own lives and make the right decisions. But is it too late for James? This play is a story about doing the right thing.

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