Chuck Gill

WAIT! BUT…HE’S NOT SANTA! Chuck just portrays that Jolly Old Elf for about 30 Days Every Year! He is a sixty five year-old voice and stage actor, director, teaching artist, and Yes, Virginia…a professional, ‘real beard’ Santa Claus.

Chuck’s journey to Santa started when he was a senior in high school. He was ordered by his mother, a linen and towel buyer for a local Allied department store, to play Santa. He was already well entrenched into acting and was planning to become a Theatre major in college. He developed a Santa character, jumped into the gig, and loved it!

After Chuck’s successful theatre career morphing from actor, singer, to director to producer, to company owner and along the way like an old comfortable friend, Santa presented himself at various times and he embraced him. At first, dabbling with the character and then grabbing ahold of the role. Chuck says, “We all have a story to tell, we all have an ability to perform, it’s just a matter of making up your mind and trying on the red suit. You’ll be amazed how well it fits.”


Chuck Gill

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