Plays about Theatre and Performing

These shows all relate to Theatre and Performing. Put them together to create a production of any length. Click on the title for play information and to read a FreeView, then order your copy. Committee of Eight 75 minute musical 1 man, 7 women Classmates create a bright, lighthearted, and spirited musical that uses parodied song lyrics to easily-recognizable tunes. […]

Plays for Community Theatre

These plays are tailor-made for the community theatre stage! Click on the titles below to learn more. Comedy Still Life With Nudes Does This Show Make My Butt Look Fat? Make Mine Metamucil Under a Full Moon in November Old Hams Velma vs Velma Made for Each Other The Hotel Lobbyist How Could You? Senior Moments […]

Holiday Shows

                Now is the perfect time to plan your holiday show. We’ve pulled together a list of our seasonal plays. Some are short, some are longer, all have the spirit of the holidays for you and your audience’s pleasure! Click on the titles to read more about our […]

Plays in French

Now we have several plays, translated into French and Spanish. Here are the French plays! Enjoy! Nouveau! Tout ce que je veux, c’est la recette Categorie: Petite pièce Particularité: Bon à savoir Anglais, Espagnol et Français  Maintenant disponible en Anglais, Espagnol et Français Auteur Par Georgia Tuxbury Genre comedy Durée 10 minutes Personnages 2 femmes Description Au court de cette hilarante conversation téléphonique, la personne […]

Plays in Spanish

Tenemos tres obras que estan disponibles en espanol. Que las disfruten! GIN-TONIC John Clifford 1 hombre, 1 mujer Comedia de 10 minutos Esta comedia de carcajadas ofrece una mirada fresca a los problemas de las citas románticas en la tercera edad. Olivia está teniendo un mal día cuando es interrumpida por Samuel, un sujeto desparpajado […]

Sample Participation Agreement

Love the art in yourself, not yourself in the art. —Konstantin Stanislavski, Russian Stage Actor and Director To help create a fun experience for all members of the ____________(company) I agree to the following standards as indicated by my initials on the lines below: A. I will arrive at least 10 minutes before rehearsal or performance […]

Writers’ Guidelines

Thank you for your interest in ArtAge Publications’ Senior Theatre Resource Center. Playwrights are welcome to submit shows which will be held until the next reading season. We recommend that you: Listen to Writing Plays for Senior Theatre Conference Call. Click here to listen to the recording.  Read Writing Plays for Senior Theatre. Click here […]

We’re featured in “Montana Senior News!”

Over 70 New Senior Theatre Plays Published Jul 18, 2013, 8:28 a.m. More than 70 new Senior Theatre plays have been published, expanding the number of works available for older performers. The shows were chosen from hundreds of submissions for ArtAge’s newly released 2014 Senior Theatre Resource Center catalog. They include skits, short plays, musicals, […]

Boxing Up “Rainbow”

by Tom Northam (ASCAP) Spending the better part of eight years on an idea, then writing a story and script, composing, arranging, and recording the music, directing and producing the musical, then preparing for publication is a long process! Boxing up these remnants is a nostalgic journey. I walked into my office to begin a dreaded […]

Take Our New Senior Theatre Survey

Although we all see the great benefits of Senior Theatre with every production, there is very little actual evidence to back up our individual observations. Obviously, citing such evidence could not only enhance the prestige of Senior Theatre in general but might well aid in your individual fundraising. Therefore, ArtAge’s Senior Theatre Resource Center, in […]

Valley Readers Theatre Group

The Valley Readers Theatre Group brings storytelling and radio theatre to its audiences. They use Readers Theatre as theatre of imagination where you can listen and enjoy legend, lore, and facts from another era. The group performs twenty-seven stories adapted and directed by Marilyn Warsofsky. She has a B.F.A. and and M.F.A. in Theatre from […]

February 2012

Sent by: ArtAge Publications Reply to the sender Senior Theatre Online February 2012 Table of Contents Bonnie’s Column: Immerse yourself in Senior Theatre Performing the World Conference–March 19 Deadline Senior Theatre Festival this June Special Festival Offer–no royalty! Senior Theatre learning sessions announced Actors perform and audiences watch our plays Group of the Month: Heart […]