Best Sellers

Here’s the ArtAge Best Seller List for 2017

Have you ever paged through our catalog or browsed through our website and wondered what to order next? Here are our most popular items. Use this list to see what other Senior Theatre lovers are staging. Click on the title to read more about each Best Seller.

  1. Age on Stage®: Comedies for Readers Theatre Volume 1
  2. Age on Stage®: Comedies for Readers Theatre Volume 2
  3. Seniors Acting Up!
  4. How to Start a Senior Theatre Package
  5. The Improv Game
  6. Engage! 28 Creative Enrichment Experiences for Older Adults
  7. New Plays for Mature Actors
  8. Doctor, Doctor
  9. A Bag Full of Miracles
  10. Wrinkles

For help making selections click on the Most Performed Plays List and check out the Plays on a Theme. We help many directors and actors make selections so feel free to call 503-246-3000 or contact us.

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