Best Sellers

Here’s the ArtAge Best Seller List for 2012

Take a look at these special books and plays to see what other Senior Theatre lovers are buying.

The page number refers to where you can find the item in our catalog. Read more about each Best Seller by clicking on the title. Enjoy!

1. Age on Stage:®Comedies for Readers Theatre…Page 5

2. Carol Burnett Show Sketches…Page 20

3. 21 Humorous, New Short Plays & Skits for Performing Grandparents…Page 19

4. Laugh and  Half…Page 18

5.Joggin’ Along…Page 18

6.Age on Stage: ®Comedies for Readers Theatre Volume 2…    Page 5

7. Skits for Seniors…Page 19

8. Return Engagement Plays, Volume 2…Page 17

9.Drama Activities for Older Adults…Page 24

10. No Frills Airline…Page 18

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