Sandy and John Laszlo

John and Sandy

When John and Sandy Laszlo retired 10 years ago, they never imagined they would become actors, playwrights, costumers, and directors until they discovered community and Senior Theatre. As members of a Senior Theatre group, The More or Less Players, in Roswell, Georgia, they have acted in dozens of plays, written several plays, designed costumes, created props, and done publicity for theatrical productions.

At the 2015 ATHE Conference in Montreal, the Laszlo’s presented their “Top Ten Things We Learned from Senior Theatre Experiences:

  • Senior Theatre helps seniors create a positive identity and discover hidden talents.
  • Perfect performances are boring, unexpected mishaps can be fun.
  • Senior Theatre can create a sense of community among seniors.
  • Seniors enjoy having a voice in decisions about their productions.
  • Encouragement and support from peers are more effective and enduring than applause.
  • Communication is the glue that holds a Senior theatre group together.
  • Seniors with physical and/or cognitive limitations can be accommodated and make valuable contributions.
  • Seniors are not pussies. They can surprise you with their determination, persistence, and adaptability.
  • Seniors are not all alike. If you’ve seen one senior, you’ve seen one senior.
  • Differences in personality don’t disappear with age.
  • Make it FUN and they will come!


Sandy and John Laszlo
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